Question 1. How do I access the imaging savings information ?

To view the savings information please click on the SAVINGS drop down menu. 

Select the type of study (eg MRI Brain) and insurance or self pay, etc. pricing tab and then you will be able to view the list. 

You can filter your search by zip code or city. 

Question 2. What are the advantages of registering ?

After you register with a valid email ID and activate your account from the email link, you will be able to login and take advantage of all the features of the website, including:

-Free access to the SAVINGS drop down menu which provides imaging prices per facility per city or zip code. 

-Forums access

-Access to Ask Our Physicians

-Access to Forms if you are an imaging or assisted living or rehab facility.

-Ability to receive important account information or important announcements.

As physicians we do not send out promotion or annoying emails as we respect your privacy and trust.

Question 3. As an imaging facility how do we enter information to the site ?

After registering with a valid email and activating your account via the email link, please login and then:

-Access the Imaging Facility Registration - click here tab (under the home menu) and then enter the information requested and submit.

The data will then be reviewed and may be subject to verification by the GHMD team before it is published. For editing you will need to submit an email under the contact us link under Resources menu. Thank you.