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The Dark Side Of Tanning...

Every year 4 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the US. Adding upto $8 billion in health costs, this is largely preventable. Upto 90% of melanomas (malignant skin cancers) can be prevented by avoiding excessive exposure to Ultra violet UV radiation in young adulthood.

Estimates of upto 10% of the skin cancer cases are related to indoor tanning related UV exposure accounting for upto 400,000 cases that could have been avoided. Melanoma is a skin cancer presenting in young women between the ages of 15-40. An aggressive cancer, melanoma can spread to other parts of the body and rapidly metastastize if undiagnosed. A dermatologist consultation and skin biopsy is recommended for any rapidly changing skin lesion, with dark pigmentation or irregular borders, or patchy coloration, rough surfaces, or sudden outbreak of multiple nevi, etc in exposed areas of the body.  

In June 2014, FDA began regulating tanning devices as class II medical devices with black box warnings indicating they should not be used in minors. Additional state policies have helped reduce the tanning habits. Awareness is necessary to avoid tanning and UV light exposure in the young for a healthy secure adult life…

Use sunscreen and avoid unnecessary exposure to UV light, but enjoy the sun in moderation like all things bright and nice.

Self performed skin exams periodically may help prevent late diagnoses. Discuss safe skin practices with your primary physician and dermatologist.