Immunization Schedule

Age appropriate immunization schedules are difficult to understand from various online sources.

Please find below the age appropriate immunization schedule in a simplified table format:


   Birth 1M 2M 4M 6M 9M 12M 15M 18M 24M 4Yr 12Yr
Hep B  1st  2nd       3rd            
Rota virus     1st 2nd 3rd              
DTaP(pent)     1st 2nd 3rd      4th      5th  Last
HiB (pent)     1st 2nd 3rd      4th        
IPV (pent)     1st 2nd 3rd      4th      5th  
Flu         1st              
PCV13     1st 2nd 3rd   4th          
MMR             1st       2nd  
VAR             1st       2nd  
Hep A                  1st 2nd    
HPV for F/M                       1st
Mening                       1st

Flu vaccine yearly after 6 months

PPSV23 Pneum vaccine after 2yrs for chronic conditions.

Shingles vaccine for > 60 yrs age, even if previously affected by shingles. CDC site recommendations.

For the actual CDC website version please CLICK HERE.