Healthy Sleep

Good sleep hygiene is vital for a healthy life 

Research has shown most adults need at least 8-9 hrs of sleep in a 24 hr cycle. Sleep not only rejuvenates but also is vital to help the immune system function normally. Loss of sleep can affect the immune function adversely exposing people to infections they would otherwise be immune to. Studies show that with one nights sleep deprivation the body experiences an approximately 30% drop in natural killer cells, the bodies immune cells protecting us against viral illnesses and cancers.  It is not uncommon to see cold sore blisters, shingles attackes and viral illnesses with a missed night of sleep.

In addition sleep helps the brain process the days events and helps in reinforcing memory. Studies have shown that subjects with continuous overnight sleep learn a task better and quicker than those with interrupted or inadequate sleep.

In addition there is regeneration and rejuvenation occuring during sleep as evidenced by the increased secretion of growth hormone during sleeping hours. It is important to address any sleep concerns such as sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome, etc which can manifest with poor sleep during the night, gasping spells and drops in oxygenation overnight exposing individuals at risk to strokes and heart attacks. Maintain good sleep hygiene by going to bed at a reasonably fixed time and waking up the same time each day. Avoid late snacks, before bedtime reading and exercising and avoid looking at the time during the night while attempting to sleep. 

Consider a White Noise Device

Sleep specialists can assess your sleep pattern and adequacy with sleep studies. Talk to your physician if you think you are not getting enough sleep. In conclusion, to maintain a healthy productive lifestyle hit the sack at the right time and dream away....


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