Health Screening

Age appropriate health screening is elusive online therefore we will help list it for your families benefit.

Age  Women Men 
 3-5yr Vision test Vision test
  Diabetes screening if BP>135/80 Diabetes if BP> 135/80
18 BP screening BP screening
21 Cervical ca screening q3yr  
24 Chlamydia screening  
35 If increased risk of CAD Cholesterol
40 Breast cancer screening q1-2yr  
45   Aspirin
50 Colorectal Ca screening Colorectal Ca Screening
55 Aspirin  
65 Screening osteoporosis  
65 Vitamin D supplementation  
65   US abdomen for AAA*

* in those with history of smoking.

Every other year physical exams are a good idea after age 40. Annual physicals are helpful after age 50 unless health problems warrant an earlier age.

 For the official US preventative service task force link CLICK HERE.